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Pastoral Care

The mission of Pastoral Care is to reflect and affirm God’s healing presence by meeting the spiritual needs of our congregation and community during life’s experiences, including loss, celebration, conflict, and tragedy while helping individuals nurture spiritual wholeness. 

The Pastoral Care Ministry team walks with individuals and families, both in times of struggle and joy.  This ministry seeks to sustain, guide, and nurture spiritual and emotional well-being through relationships, conversations and support.

Illness, family problems and death can sometimes be painful, frightening, and isolating experiences full of loss and uncertainty. Sometimes these issues can push one to the point of experiencing spiritual and emotional chaos, pain, and distress. But it can also be an opportunity to celebrate, change and experience expressions of being cared for in new ways. 

We specialize in attentive listening, seeking to understand and to participate within a family or individual’s spiritual, cultural, and personal frame of reference.

We seek to empower individuals to encounter their situations with opportunities for healing and renewal.

For more information on services provided by Pastoral Care and seek assistance, please visit the specific services listed under Pastoral Care or contact the Pastoral Care staff directly.

Pastoral Care Staff

Reverend Charles Wiseman
Pastoral Care Minister
[email protected]

Reverend Troy Scott-Reado
Pastoral Care Associate
[email protected]

Deaconess Lola Johnson
Pastoral Care Associate
[email protected]