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The Fountain of Praise was recently recognized as one of the 100 fastest growing churches in the United States with over 27,000 members.
For over 30 years, The Fountain of Praise has experienced tremendous growth under the leadership of Dr. Remus E. Wright, Senior Pastor, and Dr. Mia K. Wright, Co-Pastor.
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The history of our congregation is a living testimony to God’s vision and favor for his people. We praise Him and rejoice the presence of His anointing and favor in our ministry while anxiously anticipating the manifestation of God’s promise for The Fountain of Praise. Did the founding members for South Post Oak Baptist Church dream in 1959 that their small mission church would evolve into The Fountain of Praise? This early congregation was committed to establishing a foundation for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The early church flourished and erected the former buildings of the South Post Oak Campus in less than five years.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, the church entered an era of challenge. The community of South Post Oak became more racially diverse and, consequently, the membership changed. The church struggled with adapting ministry to the needs of this new community. Although the membership decreased, God continued to sustain the church and positioned leaders that would pave the way for a new harvest.

In 1991, the church hired its seventh leader, the current pastor, Dr. Remus E. Wright. Under his dynamic leadership, the church has experienced tremendous growth and development in ministry. Membership increased from 150 in 1991 to its current level of more than 24,700 members (as of 4/8/2016). The Fountain of Praise was recently recognized as one of the 100 fastest growing churches in the United States. Pastor Wright’s vision of restoration has been demonstrated through the evolution of over 100 ministries and programs that service the needs of the congregation and community. 

In 1998, the church purchased 19 acres of land on Hillcroft Avenue between Orem and Beltway 8 to prepare for the next phase of ministry. Shortly thereafter, the congregation adopted the name change from South Post Oak Baptist Church to The Fountain of Praise; a name that encompasses our spirit of worship. We then proceeded to build a sanctuary that would be pleasing unto God.

July 27, 2002 marked a day of glorious celebration! On that day we dedicated our sanctuary to the glory of God. Since opening our new sanctuary, we have been blessed with a tremendous harvest of new members. 

On April 2007, The Fountain of Praise purchased the former Mainhill Center. The facility has been renamed the FountainLife Center and is located approximately one half mile north of our Hillcroft Worship Center at the southwest corner of South Main (Highway 90) and Hillcroft Avenue. We have formed partnerships with private and public entities to develop the FountainLife Center. Our collaborative programming will provide needed community resources in the areas of healthcare, education, law, finance and economic development. 

In 2014, the Legacy 20/20 campaign was launched to fund this development while securing the sustenance and continuity of our ministry. Let us continue to pray God’s blessings on The Fountain of Praise as we continue to move in our destiny.