The Fountain of Praise members are committed to spreading the powerful life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through positive ministries and principle-based programs.


The Fountain of Praise is a Bible-based ministry focused on the restoration of the lost and broken. We serve in the spirit of high praise with fervor and God's anointing to minister with compassion and excellence to build and develop a kingdom of empowered people for God that are committed to:

Rejoicing in energetic praise and services, giving God the glory, and ultimately promoting permanent change in the lives of our men, women, and children.

Revitalizing and establishing ministries that teach and encourage believers to return to spiritual integrity, and restore emotional and physical health to all of God's people.

Reinforcing individual and family living with biblical principles, while - providing support and the transformational tools needed to live with power and a sense of purpose.

Rebuilding our local and global community, economically and educationally, through faith-based projects that combine spiritual teachings with social reforms.