Social media is a rapidly changing arena, and it requires a diverse set of skills to build a social media team that will deliver results in content creation and sharing and other skills such as

  • Engagement and relationship building
  • Customer service
  • Influencer nurturing
  • Advertising
  • Overall management


We're committed to providing great social media content and enagement and need more volenteers to help do so. 

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Social Media Team Roles

Influencer Manager (IM)

The Influencer Manager is someone who finds, nurtures and leverages relationships with influencers.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a social media personality with a lot of prestige. This means they have a big audience of engaged followers and a lot of reach when they share social content. Influencers can be celebrity personalities, other businesses with an audience similar to yours, or simply popular social media users.

Why do we need Influencers?

People take brands promoting their own content with a grain of salt. They know you have an agenda (promoting your business). But other people, even someone online they have never met, are a different story. People trust recommendations from people over brands. Simple as that.

It’s the job of our IM to help find these influencers and encourage them to share our content

  • Responsibilities
    • Finding and encouraging Influencers to share content
    • Building relationships with Influencers
    • Manage Influencers and disseminate pertinent information
    • Engage Influencer profiles
  • Preferred Skills
    • Have influence on and knowledge of social media platforms
    • Ability to manage and direct a team
    • Delegation proficiency


Social media advertise(SMA)

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook also have paid advertising options that our church can take advantage of. Driving customer acquisition is an important goal for us, that’s why paid social media is a must


  • Identifying your target audience using Facebook Audience Insights, Twitter Audiences, etc.
  • Creating ad copy for display ads (or outsourcing it to content creators)
  • Deciding which content to promote with paid advertising
  • A/B testing different ad components to optimize your strategy
  • Monitoring advertising progress for your overall business goals and bottom line


  • Preferred Skills
    • Analytical
    • Great grammar skills and understanding of the English language

Social Media Team Roles (cont'd)

Content Curator (CCur)

We want our brand to appear in our community’s newsfeeds even semi-regularly, we’re going to have to look outside of sharing only our own content.

Curating and promoting other content that interests our target audience is a great way to attract new followers and engage our current ones. Here are some strategies our content curator will need to be comfortable doing:

Following blogs that would interest our target audience (Use a tool like Feedly to aggregate blog feeds and monitor blogs all in one place)

Joining groups and monitoring online discussions with our target audience (Following Facebook Groups, Twitter hashtag conversations, popular Pinterest boards, etc.)

Monitoring trending topics online (using Google Trends or another tool)

Our content curator gets to decide which content (other than our own) might interest your audience most.

Content curators help choose the content that promotes the TFOP brand on social media newsfeeds. Plus, people grow tiresome of constant self-promotion on social media. As content curator, you’d be in charge of maintaining the brand and aesthetic.


Content Creator (CC)

Responsible for contributing to the church’s social media presence, growing participation and engagement through content creation. Content creation is probably the most time-consuming aspect of social media management and requires the widest skill set. Our content creator will help develop content outside of what graphics department create from submitted Publication Work Order Forms.

  • Develops social content and campaigns
  • Publishes content across social platforms, including paid activity
  • Supports content creation, execution, posting and writes copy for all content to with consideration to Stevens voice and tone
  • Selects the proper imagery and content for day-to-day content and larger initiatives
  • Interfaces heavily with faculty, staff and students within the university to create and enhance content synergies

Here are some of the different kinds of content you may choose to create for social media:

  • Blog posts
  • Memes, GIFs, and quote cards
  • Infographics
  • Video content
  • Preferred Skills
    • Great grammar skills and understanding of the English language
    • Light photo and video editing (Editing, retouching, resizing of all imagery as required for multi-platform usage.)
    • Analytical
    • Experience with customer and public relations


Community Manager & Social Monitor (CMSM)

Our Community Manager is the person in charge of actually building relationships on social media. They will log right into each platform to engage with our audience directly by responding to comments on our posts and engaging with what others share.

On Twitter Chats, Facebook Live, or Instagram, our Community Manager will run it. This person is the face of our online ministry – a person that people actually get to know online. Our Community Manager will need to be comfortable using each social media platform and have the interpersonal skills to build relationships online.

59% of Americans with social media accounts say customer service through social media has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved.

And if you have an ecstatic or disgruntled customer, social media is usually the first place they turn to. You don’t want to leave these tweets/posts unanswered – it looks bad to your other customers. That’s where you would come in as the Community Manager & Social Monitor (CMSM). It would be your job to respond to any type of concerns and try to resolve them publicly on social media as quickly as possible. This will show a care for our online community and maintain our brand image.

  • Responsibilities
    • Reply to and engage community
    • Answers questions from community
    • Provide feedback and news to social media manager
    • Help manage consistent brand and personality
    • Manage Re-Posts
  • Preferred Skills
    • Charismatic/energetic cyber personality
    • Great grammar skills and understanding of the English language
    • Detail oriented
    • Analytical
    • Experience with customer and public relations
  • Preferred Skills
    • Analytical
    • Great grammar skills and understanding of the English language